Dharma Circle

The Dharma Circle (DhC) is a spiritual community space for MIU Students located in the Dreier Building (Room 119). Our primary mission is to provide near-peer experiences that support the journey of self-discovery. DhC is a pluralistic space for yoga, meditation, and conversation, where the diversity of life is celebrated.

Our physical space is presently closed for a time, but we invite you to explore our ‘virtual’ Dharma Circle on Instagram and the MIU app (found under ‘Campus Services’).

Instagram: instagram.com/miu_dharma_circle/

You can also tune into our podcast available on Spotify, iTunes, and here: https://dharmacircle.buzzsprout.com/


If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach us at DharmaCircle@miu.edu

Wherever the journey of life takes you today, take good care of yourself…