Academic Advising

advisingpic33170Several levels of advising are available to all students to assist them in planning and scheduling their academic programs, developing their talents, and pursuing their passions.

Academic advisors

Each undergraduate and graduate department provides academic advising for its majors. Students meet with academic advisors during orientation and then early in their first semester. Students who have decided upon a major meet with a faculty advisor in the academic department in which they have chosen to major; students who have not yet decided upon a major meet with the Director of Academic Advising.

During their first meeting, the student and advisor go over the student’s transfer credit and preview the requirements to graduate from Maharishi International University. They discuss the student’s goals and plan a schedule of courses for the first year. In subsequent semesters the academic advisor plays a key role in guiding and mentoring the student.

See the list of academic advisors.

 Graduation advisor

The graduation advisor meets with students on an as-needed basis to advise them on progress toward meeting the University’s graduation requirements. She can send students a degree check by e-mail and other pertinent information as requested. The graduation advisor is available on most class days throughout the year to answer questions about classes, policies, and requirements.

Academic support

The Director of Academic Support meets with students who may be facing academic challenges to develop a plan to address those challenges and promote the student’s academic success. She also welcomes students to continue to seek her guidance after they declare a major or if they are considering changing majors.

By using all these resources, students receive support and information about university requirements, policies, and course options as they progress toward their degree and life goals.



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