Office of Dean of Students

The Associate Dean of Students supports the intellectual, emotional and general well being of all students. He serves as a point of information and advocate for students’ needs. The Associate Dean is also responsible for upholding student conduct to create an optimal living and learning environment for students.

He is the first responder in crisis and the contact person for sexual harassment complaints. He is trained on Title IX Policies and Investigation Procedures, and Resources for Support. He is a member of the University Prevention Team training students, staff and faculty on Mentors in Violence Prevention and How to Be an Active Bystander.


  • Undergraduate students who do not meet the standard off campus living requirements may petition the dean of students
  • Requests for exceptions to University policies regarding student life may be made in writing to the Associate Deans of Students
  • The dean of students investigates together with the Title IX coordinator all complaints of sexual misconduct
  • The dean students investigates reports of violations of the code of student behavior in accordance with the policies found in the Student Handbook
Manyu Hesse
Manyu Hesse
  • Dean of Students, Student Life Department
  • (641) 472-7000 ext. 1190
  • (641) 233-8636
  • Dreier Building, Room 112

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