Register for Courses

All students are required to register with the MIU Enrollment Center in order to receive academic credit for completed coursework.
Semester or Term Registration: At each registration you will validate your semester or summer term finances, class schedule, and personal contact information. You will also complete payment if you have not already done so online, and then receive your updated student ID badge sticker. If you plan to live on campus, you will also receive your door card validation sticker.
  • New Students: Your Admissions representative will give you your registration schedule. Be sure to bring your check-in sheet when you come for your badge photo and for registration.
  • Continuing Students: Come to the Enrollment Center at the start of each semester on the Saturday before Forest.  If not attending Forest then come to the Enrollment Center on the Friday before your first course starts.
Class Selection:
  • New Undergraduate Students: During your first 6-weeks at the University, in the first course, every new student meets with an academic advisor to help select his or her courses.
  • Continuing Undergraduate Students: Meet with your academic advisor each Spring to select your courses for the following academic year.  (If you don’t know who your academic advisor is, check this Academic Advisor list or contact the Director of Academic Advising in the Enrollment Center.
  • Graduate Students: Your courses are pre-selected by your academic department and will appear on your registration forms.
Want to change your course schedule? Read below.

Changing Courses

In a block system, even on the first day of the course a great deal of material is covered. For this reason, students are advised to plan ahead; if you want to change your course, it is recommended to meet with your advisor before the block starts.

To change from one course to another, students must contact and get approval from their academic advisor. The Director of Academic Advising or Graduation Director in the Enrollment Center need to be notified by your academic advisor that it is okay for you to take the course you want. They will then give you an “Admit to Class” slip to allow entry into the new class. No changes are allowed after the first day of a two-week block (Forest) or after 1:00 p.m. of the second day of a four-week block.

Note that certain classes may require attendance from the very first day.


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