Financial Aid Award Notification

Office of Financial Aid

We are pleased to enclose your financial aid package for attendance at Maharishi International University. Please carefully review, firstly, this letter, and then your financial aid package.

The financial aid package is valid only if all information is accurate. Is your name correct? Is the academic program and housing preference correct? If any of this information is incorrect, please email any corrections to

The package of charges and financial aid listed on your financial aid package is only for the academic year listed. Charges and aid are subject to change in future years. We are required to notify you that if you are convicted for the use of illegal drugs and if the offense occurred while you are receiving federal student aid, you may become ineligible for additional federal student aid for a period of time.

Your financial aid package may include student loans toward the cost of your education which may be repaid from your income after college. Please review the following:

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS), if awarded, does not allocate funds to you. The award sets a maximum amount you may earn via hourly wage, if you apply for and are employed by our Human Resources Office in one of our campus FWS jobs. You may apply for available positions after enrollment. The list of jobs is available at

University charges

University charges will be posted to Student Accounts after you register for each semester. Awards, except for Federal Work Study, will also be posted to the same account. Your financial aid package may require a “payment,” or if your financial aid package indicates a “refund” for books and personal expenses, please see Financial Aid Refund ScheduleYou must bring enough cash with you to meet your personal expenses while your refund is processing.

Housing and meals

If you are on campus, the housing and meals charges on your financial aid package do not include winter and summer holidays. You may apply for a job on campus during breaks to cover your housing and meals. If you have a “Full Time/Full Year Dorm” scholarship toward your tuition, this award will remain only if you meet the full time, full year, on campus requirement.

Contact us

Please let us know at if you have any questions or concerns about your financial aid package. We look forward to having you join us!

Best Wishes,

Machelle Johnson and Tal Ron
Directors of Financial Aid