Graduation Overview


Students are encouraged to pair up with an Academic Advisor during their first semester of study at MIU. Advisors are available in every Academic Department and also in the Enrollment Center (for Undeclared Majors.) Academic Advisors are trained to assist students in class selections and to choose the most successful and efficient path to graduation. See Academic Advisors for a complete list of standard program advisors.

The faculty of MIU determine whether students are qualified to graduate. General education graduation requirements and major and minor requirements are determined by the Catalog in effect when students began studying at the university.

MIU has two official graduation dates: one in December and one in June. The Graduation Ceremony takes place only once a year, in June.

Steps to Officially Graduate

  1. Complete all your Degree Program’s requirements.
  2. Complete a Forest Academy every semester you were enrolled full-time, and pass DC every semester.
  3. (For Undergraduates only) Complete all your General Education Requirements including a minimum of 128 course credits and completion of senior assessments.
  4. If any of your academic department’s courses have been waived, your Department Academic Advisor must send written authorization to the Graduation Director in the Enrollment Center.
  5. Submit a Graduation Application online and pay graduation fee. You can pay your graduation fee online here as well (preferred method), or stop by the Enrollment Center. More details below. Review the Graduation FAQ.
    NOTE: The deadline for graduation application and fees is November 1st for December’s graduation and April 15 for June’s graduation. (See the MIU Academic Calendar)
    Payment must be made on time or you will not receive your diploma, or cap and gown.
    The graduation fee is $50. The cap and gown rental fee is $20. You can pay in cash or by check in person, or by credit card via Pay Pal online. (If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, you can make a one-time payment via Pay Pal after you complete your online graduation application.) Checks should be made out to “Special Activities Fund” and given in person to the Graduation Director (Enrollment Center) or mailed to “Enrollment Center, Maharishi International University, Fairfield, IA 52557 attn: Graduation Director.”
  6. Pay any outstanding student account balance, department fees or library fees.

As graduation nears

  • Check the Departure Checklist for a complete list of possible items of business to take care of before graduation.
  • Check your email for graduation notices.
  • Give your suggestions for the traditional Class Gift.
  • (For Undergraduates only) Complete the Alumni Survey.
  • For International Students: if you are inviting out-of-town guests to Commencement, you can request an official letter of invitation, a schedule of events, and information about off-campus lodging. Contact your Graduation Director to request this.
  • Graduating students can receive up to 5 tickets for the Commencement Garden Party. Tickets will be available at the Cap and Gown meeting in June, or after the meeting at the Enrollment Center.

Unsure If You Are Ready To Graduate?

  • MS in Computer Science:
    Contact Mohanraaj V S: ​, 641-472-7000 (ext. 4331)
  • All other students:
    Contact the Graduation Director, Danella Lubar:, 641-472-7000 (ext. 2205)


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