Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is available to U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens who qualify based on financial need. The amount of Federal Work-Study that each student qualifies for will be listed on their financial aid award letter.   

We have a wide range of work-study positions available on campus. If you are interested in applying for an FWS position, please confirm that FWS is part of your financial aid package before applying. 

Finding a Job 

MIU offers FWS jobs providing growth opportunities in areas such as administration, community service, arts, sustainable living, recreation and sports, meditation supervision, digital media, library, student activities, and other academic departments such as music and math.   

The Jobs List link will take you to our online job postings webpage. On this page, you will find all FWS positions currently open. FWS positions start with “FWS” in the job title, and the employment status type is “STUDENT, Student Workers”:  




Another way to identify FWS jobs is by clicking ‘Job Search’ and using Keyword: FWS.   

Students who have FWS awards are encouraged to look through the posted jobs and apply online. Once applied, the supervisor will contact the student to set up an appointment for an interview and, if offered the position, HR will start the onboarding process. 

Onboarding Process 

  • Once the supervisor notifies HR of the desire to offer the student a position, HR will send an offer letter to the student and a link where the student can start to fill in their paperwork.  
  • When that step is completed, the student will have to stop by the Dreier Building’s HR office, Room 233, to establish both identity and work authorization. You will have to fill in section one of an I-9 form and bring documentation. Click here for a list of acceptable documents to bring. Choose one document from list A or one from List B + one from List C 
  • Students may not start working until HR has completed the hiring process. HR will email the student and the supervisor when they can start working. 


To record the hours the student works, HR uses software called ‘Asure’. Recording hours will be done by punching in and out either through the Asure website, punch clock in the department, or with the AsureForce mobile app. FWS students have a Bi-Weekly timecard.   

A few things to keep in mind:  

  • Timecards should be submitted to their supervisor no later than one day after the pay period closes.   
  •  It is the Students’ responsibility to submit completed timecards.   
  • Failure to submit timecards on time or incorrect timecards may be grounds for termination from the program.  


  • Earnings will payout following the Bi-Weekly schedule. 
  • Part of the onboarding process will be entering your direct deposit information. MIU no longer issues paper checks and pays only through direct deposit. Please double check your bank account details when entering them in Asure. HR will not be responsible for incorrect information submitted by students.   
  • Students must monitor their earnings every pay period to ensure that the total payments during a semester do not exceed the financial aid award letter’s amount.   
  • For example, if you are awarded $1000 for a semester and work 20 hours at $9.00/hr. You have spent $180 of your award and have $820 left for the following pay period.  
  • If the student goes over their FWS award, this may be grounds for termination from the program.   

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