Departure Checklist

Please make sure that the following University business is complete before you depart:

Note that transcripts and diplomas will not be issued to a student before the following have been completed:

___ Academic Department Fees: Pay any outstanding classroom fees (lab/materials/trip fees…) Contact your Academic Dept. to arrange payment. If you have left MIU, you can locate your Academic Department’s contact info on our campus directory:

Enrollment Center: (Dreier Building, basement)
___ Data Manager: See the Data Manager to complete an Official Withdrawal form
___ Student Accounts: Pay any outstanding balance
___ Student ID Badge: Turn in your Student ID to Enrollment Center
___ U.S. students with Federal Student Loans: See a Financial Aid Officer to complete your Exit Interview

Housing (for Students with On-Campus status):
___ Meet with your Resident Advisor (R.A.) and follow residence check out procedures
___ Ask Housing if there’s any outstanding charges and pay them

___ Interns and work-study students: Check out with Human Resources (Henn Mansion, ground floor)

___ Library: Return all borrowed items (books, DVDs, videos, etc.), and pay any fines. (If you have already left MIU, contact

___ Locksmith: Return any campus keys you might have to the Locksmith’s Office in Verrill Hall

___ (For Students NOT Graduating): Complete the following Exit Survey: Survey for students departing before graduating Survey for students departing before graduating


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