Tobacco-Free Campus

NO smoke

NO smoke

In accordance with the State of Iowa Smokefree Air Act, smoking is prohibited at Maharishi International University. All indoor and outdoor spaces are smoke-free. The University’s policy of no smoking predates the new state law, but both are based on scientific test results on the negative health effects on both smokers and nonsmokers.

The Smokefree Air Act was passed in 2008 to protect the public’s health and the health of employees from the dangers of exposure to secondhand smoke. This law affects all businesses in Iowa, including public and private educational institutions. Maharishi International University is required to comply with the law, inform our employees and students about it, and enforce the law. Failure to do so could result in penalties for the University. For more details on the law, the Iowa Department of Public Health has provided a link on the Smokefree Air Act.

Penalties for Students Using Tobacco Products or E-cigarettes on Campus

According to MIU policy and Iowa state law, no one is permitted to smoke anywhere on campus. This includes outdoors (roadsides, lawns, sidewalks, etc.), inside buildings, motor vehicles, and other enclosures. (University policy includes no smoking on or off campus in all vehicles owned or leased by the University.) Also, use of smokeless tobacco products and e-cigarettes is prohibited.

The law provides for fines against those individuals who violate the Iowa Smokefree Air Act.  Individuals who violate the University’s policies will be subject to fines and disciplinary action in addition to that prescribed by the state law.

Following are procedures and university penalties and fees pertaining to students using tobacco products on campus:

Smoking Fines: If a student is determined by MIU Campus Safety and Security or a Resident Director to have been using tobacco on campus, a $100fine will be levied. If smoking occurs within a campus building, an additional $250 Room Restoration Fee will be added to the fine, bringing the total to $350. The Room Restoration Fee is for cleaning, replacing carpet, mattress, repainting or whatever expenses are incurred by the University to make the environment suitable for non-smokers.

    $   100.00  Smoking Fine
+ $   250.00  Room Restoration Fee
   $   350.00  Total

Smoking Cessation: Any student seeking help with smoking cessation is encouraged to contact the Campus Nurse at 641-472-7000, ext. 3411 or visit her in the Ladies Peace Palace, 1080 N. 4th Street, Rms. #1 – 4.


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