How to form a club

Student Clubs on campus fall under the guidance of the MIU Student Government

Simply start by downloading a Club Application. Make sure to read all of the expectations and responsibilities that come with running a club.

If your club is activity related (Rugby, dancing, Soccer, etc.), your advisor needs to be Ken Daley, the Chairperson of the Exercise and Sport Science Department. You will also need to have ALL members sign a Liability Waiver Form.

One new requirement which began with the 2011/2012 school year, is that all clubs MUST create and maintain a Facebook Group page, explaining your club activities, pictures of events and your contact information. This allows for all MIU students to see how much fun you are having! When you submit your club form, your club will only receive CONDITIONAL APPROVAL, which will give you no more than 30 days to get your Facebook Group page created. Once the Facebook Group link is submitted to:, your club will receive APPROVED status for the remainder of the school year assuming you keep it updated, allowing you access to all MIU facilities for your official club needs.

Student clubs or organizations must request and receive permission from the MIU Student Government and the Department of Student Life before they may meet on campus, advertise, distribute, post materials, or use any University facilities for their activities or events. All clubs, organizations, activities, and events must be consistent with the University’s mission, and must remain in compliance with any policies and procedures set forth by the University.

Need Funding For Your Club?
There are times when your club needs assistance from the student government

  • All requests must have supporting documentation to verify prices from multiple vendors. (Example: In order to be considered for funding for t-shirts, a price quote is needed from the t-shirt company with pricing included.)
  • In general, we do not fund any traveling, scholarships, or fundraisers.
  • Funds will not be approved for events that do not benefit the Student Body at large.
  • There are limited funds for allocation among a number of student organizations. Those organizations that do the best job of developing and presenting their budgets and can show how they benefit and serve students and the University stands the best chance of being funded at their requested level.

Budget Preparation Suggestions

  • Seek input from club members.
  • Think in terms of next year for formulating club goals and objectives and determining club financial needs.
  • Follow proper guidelines in preparing the budget.
  • Be detailed yet concise and succinct in preparation of the budget.
  • Be accurate and realistic in putting together the request. Ask only for funds for which the club has intended purposes. Remember that Student Government allocated funds can not be carried from one year to the next.
  • Meet all scheduled deadlines!
  • Ensure that a knowledgeable person(s) presents the budget request.
  • Be prepared to justify proposed expenditures.
  • Realize that the club may not receive all requested funds; be able to identify priorities for funding. Other points to keep in mind…
  • Each funded organization is expected to generate a portion of its budget for each academic year, which must be documented on the Club Fundraising Request Form. When necessary, clubs can receive funds directly from Student Government by completing the Club Fundraising Request Form.
  • Make sure that you create a Facebook Group page for your club BEFORE you submit the funding request.
  • Students must be prepared to make the budget presentation to the Student Government if requested.

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