Residential Advisor

Job Description

RA Roles, in order of priority

  1. Student
  2. Residence Hall Administrator
  3. Community Developer

General Responsibilities

  1. Develop Community
    • Establish and develop good relationships with your residents
    • Promote a comfortable, clean, creative and harmonious living environment
    • Decide what specific contribution you want to make to your community in your area of interest that is consistent with University policy, for example, a project to work on with your residents or a meeting on a particular topic like sustainability in the dorms.
    • Share your contribution and how you are going to accomplish it with your Residence Director (RD). Develop a plan including at least one program a semester and execute it.
  2. Uphold Community Standards & University Policy
    • Attend all RA meetings, RA training sessions, and Residence Hall meetings.
    • Facilitate open dialog, including promoting intercultural communications and conflict resolution as needed within your community.
    • Ensure compliance with community standards and issue warnings / citations if necessary.
    • Clearly communicate University policy, uphold compliance with University policy and promptly report any violations to RD’s, the Department of Residential Life, and/or Security.
  3. Administration
    • Conduct Move In/Move Out & Room Change processes – with RD.
    • Report physical problems to appropriate MIU Department / Fix-It.
    • Maintain building inventory (Furniture and Occupancy
    • Vacation and weekend coverage (on a rotating schedule)
  4. Safety and Security
    • Clearly communicate Campus Safety policies to students
    • Report violations & complete incident reports
    • Conduct building rounds (as scheduled)
    • Issue appropriate fines
    • Be familiar with all emergency protocols.
    • Assist with fire drills
    • Call 911 if necessary

Expectations and Compensation:

  1. This is a firm one year contract. If an RA is hired and decides to terminate their agreement anytime before the end of the year, they will lose their free room benefits. Notwithstanding the above, an RA may be terminated for cause.
  2. Early return for the fall semester:
    • Fall arrival (RA training for 1 week) starting 2 weeks before the semester starts
    • Orientation Responsibilities (expect to be working/on call until classes begin)
  3. Early return for the spring semester:
    • Available to welcome and orient new students during Orientation.
  4. Late Departure After Graduation:
    • Close buildings, complete move-out process
  5. Academic and behavioral expectations:
    • GPA of 3 or higher
    • Passing DC grades
    • Compliance with Student Code of Conduct and other University policies
    • In good standing without any academic or behavioral warning, probation, or alert, or other disciplinary action
  6. Administration: Prompt Incident Reporting, Fine issuance, and Room Checks
  7. Compensation may include a free room for the RAs who live in the dorms and work/study for the RAs living in the vastus.
  8. RA’s are expected to be on campus for all blocks.
  9. Check email daily and respond promptly to emails from RezLife Dept. and RD’s.
  10. Other responsibilities as reasonably required to promote a high quality of life in the residence halls.
  11. Notify RezLife Department about any unforeseen absences and vacation plans as much in advance as possible.
  12. Help the Rez Life team continue to develop and improve.
  13. Enjoy this experience!



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