For people who do not intend to enroll as a degree-seeking student at MIU but who want financial assistance for learning the TM® technique, there are three ways MIU can possibly help: getting financial aid through a private loan; getting financial assistance from an employer; and getting financial aid from another university. In each case the person is also eligible to receive 2 academic credits from MIU, in case that matters to them.

  1. Anyone is eligible to learn the TM technique at a local TM center and pay for instruction using a private educational loan through the process summarized in the course description. The private loan application process is described here, and there is a short admissions form for this person to fill out and submit online to the MIU Registrar, who coordinates the loan with the TM teacher and the student.
  2. If a prospective TM student has an employer who is willing to pay for academic courses, he might be able to have the employer pay for his TM course. The process is the same as in point 1 above, except the money would come from the employer rather than a lender. If the prospective TM student wants to pursue this option, he or she would begin the process by filling out the admissions form to get academic credit from MIU for the TM course. It will also be necessary to inform MIU about the details that the employer wants on the invoice from MIU to the employer, along with the name and address for the employer’s tuition payment system. The employer pays MIU and the process is exactly the same as the loan process from there forward.
  3. Regular degree-seeking students at colleges other than MIU may request their home school to give credit for the TM course as described here. If the home school says “yes,” they may ask the financial aid office at their home school if they can use their existing financial aid from the home school to take the TM course through MIU as described, including being taught the TM course in the field. Their home school would then need to contact the MIU Financial Aid Office to arrange a normal, typical, consortium agreement between the home school with MIU as the host school. The student arranges this through the home school financial aid office and fills out the application form for coordination with MIU, stating the use of financial aid from the home college instead of the private educational loan. If you need further instructions regarding this option please contact the MIU Registrar.

Note: In all three cases, the student should not be instructed until MIU verifies that the money has be actually received.

None of the three options is available to people taking their TM course in California.

In none of these cases is it necessary for the TM teacher or the student to contact the MIU Financial Aid Office. The MIU Registrar handles that coordination.


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