Personal Support Services

Personal Support Services offers individualized psychotherapy and peer counseling to help students in their own personal growth.

Our desire is to support you in creating a fulfilling life while here at MIU and to help best prepare you for your future after you leave. Whether you have personal or academic issues or are in need of information about resources on or off-campus, we are here to listen with respect and compassion.

Please feel free to email us to set up an appointment.

All sessions are confidential.


Who we are:

Leslie Doyle, Director of Personal Support Services, Student Satisfaction and Retention Specialist, Co-Director of the Dharma Center


I do my best to take the “birds-eye view” on the mental/emotional/behavioral health needs of the campus to determine student needs, create campaigns, educational opportunities, and supportive policies that will foster an environment for thriving life here at MIU. I conduct surveys on campus to gather feedback to champion for change and connect students to local resources in town and on campus.

This year I am pursuing a low-residency Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Sofia University based in Palo Alto, CA to attain LMFT licensure after graduation.


Personal Support Policies:

Email to schedule all appointments

If you have missed two scheduled appointments without giving advanced warning, you will only be seen at the availability of the practitioner and the University has the right to refer you to another mental health practitioner.

Licensed therapists are under an ethical duty to terminate treatment when the therapist determines that the patient is not sufficiently benefiting from the treatment and/or the therapist believes that the patient needs a different level or kind of care. If this is determined, our team will refer you to other licensed mental health professionals in our community.

Leslie Doyle
Leslie Doyle
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